Welcome to ‘Irrigation Association of India ’ the erstwhile “All India Drip Manufacturers Association” (Dripma) was dissolved and new body “Irrigation Association of India” was formed in 1998. It is the Association of all Drip, Sprinkler and other pressurized irrigation system manufacturers in India. The Irrigation Association of India is registered under Societies Act and also as a Public Trust. It’s registered office is at Pune. IAI is attached to MCCIA & FICCI. IAI has at present 110 members on all India basis.


The Member of Irrigation Association of India will:

. Uphold the integrity of the Irrigation Industry.
2 . Continually seek to gain respect and recognition for the industry on the Local, State, National and International levels.
3. Improve industry products and services by encouraging research and development.
4. Subscribe to fair and honest business practices, including the legitimate representation of member’s capabilities and experience.
5. Follow ethical business practices in all contractual and warrant obligations.
6. Not involve, indulge in or inspire to act directly or indirectly against any decision taken by the Association in any form.
7. Not act in any manner or commit to any Government, Quasi Government, Private or any agency within or outside the country, which may jeopardize the image or working of the Association.
8. Not divulge, discuss or refer any matter of the Association to any other outside regarding policies, decisions and programs unless otherwise specified.
9. Avoid appointing other member’s authorized dealer without reference to other member.
10. Promote water, soil and energy conservation through efficient and cost-effective irrigation system, design, installation and management.
11. Supply quality material as per ISI and provide after sales service to the customers to their full satisfaction.
12. Aim to obtain ISO-9000 certification at the earliest.
13. All members to sign this code of Conduct.


Affiliated Chapters

  • Karnataka Chapter
  • Maharashtra Chapter
  • MadhyaPradesh Chapter
  • Tamilnadu Chapter
  • Gujrat Chapter
  • AndhraPradesh Chapter
  • Rajasthan Chapter
  • North Region Chapter
  • East Region Chapter