Rule 13            All Regular members who have paid subscription till 31st March of that year are eligible to vote.


Rule 14            E C Members – There shall be 10 elected members and 3 Co-opted members as per Rule 21. Immediate past President shall be ex-officio member of E. C


Rule 15            Office bearers to be elected as per Rule 20, by and amongst E C members, are:

                                    The President              -1 Number

                                    The Vice President      -4 Numbers (For North, south, West & East


                                    The Hon. Secretary     -1 Number

                                    The Jt. Secretary &     -1 Number



Rule 16            Executive Committee members and office bearers shall hold office for two

years. No member shall continue to be member of Executive Committee beyond 2 years without and election by General meeting.


Rule 17            No member shall hold office of President for more than consecutive 2 years.


Rule 23b          EC member absent for 3 consecutive meetings shall cease to hold office.


Rule 23c          EC meeting shall be once in 2 months.


Rule 23d         The Quorum of EC should be 1/3 of total strength or 5 members of the Committee whichever is lower.


Rule 24            EC can appoint Executive Director / Executive Secretary.


Rule 26            EC can appoint Sub-Committee for some special purpose.


Rule 32            AGM notice not be less than 14 days.


                        List of members qualified for election to be attached.


                        Nomination form to be filled in. It is to be signed by the Member to be elected and seconded by two Members.


Rule 32b          Nomination can be withdrawn before 10 days of AGM.


Rule 32c&d     EC members to be elected by vote of voice or by ballot paper.

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