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About Irrigation Association of India

Irrigation Association of India (IAI) is an apex industry body established in the year 1999, representing Micro Irrigation System (MIS) manufacturing companies in India. It is a not-for-profit organization and is working towards the successful implementation of Micro Irrigation in India for the benefit of farmers.
IAI is closely working with the Central Government of India and the State Governments. The Association has a strong presence in states through IAI State Chapters at Maharashtra, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Jharkhand, and North Eastern Region.

Need of Micro irrigation

Increasing water Scarcity

54% of area under high water stress in India.

Increasing population and food demand

1.6 Billion people by 2050.

Decreasing per capita Water availability

75% reduction since Independence.

Low Productivity of crops

Less productivity compared to global average.

Benefits of Micro Irrigation

Increase in water efficiency - 50 to 90%

Energy consumption savings - 30.5%

Fertiliser consumption savings - 28.5%

Productivity increase, Fruit/Crops - 42.4%

Productivity increase, Vegetables - 52.7%

Irrigation cost savings - 31.9%

New crop introduction - 30.4% farmers

Increase in Farmers income - 42%

Glimpses of Farmer Success Stories

Name : Anjinareddy

State : Andhra pradesh

District : Ananthapuram

Crop : Brinjal

Yield under Drip : 100 Tons/Ha

Yield under Flood : 70 Tons/Ha

Name : Yasinmiya Gnimiya Sheikh

State : Gujarat

District : Kheda

Crop : Chilli

Yield under Drip : 77.5 Tons/Ha

Yield under Flood : 60 Tons/Ha

Name : Ravindra sadashiv Patil

State : Karnataka

District : Belgaum

Crop : Banana

Yield under Drip : 115 Tons/Ha

Yield under Flood : 57.5 Tons/Ha

Name : Pandurang (Raju) Kote

State : Maharashtra

District : Hingoli

Crop : Turmeric

Yield under Drip : 3.3 Tons/Ha

Yield under Flood : 1.6 Tons/Ha

Name : Mukesh Kumar Sherawat

State : Rajasthan

District : Jaipur

Crop : Cabbage

Yield under Drip : 50 Tons/Ha

Yield under Flood : NA

Name : Bukala Mallesham

State : Telangana

District : Siddipet

Crop : Beans

Yield under Drip : 11 Tons/Ha

Yield under Flood : 8 Tons/Ha

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