Through sustainable measures of irrigation and resource conservation create value for the nation, enhance the quality of life across the entire socio-economic stratum while ensuring ethical and customer-centric activities to create a healthy and competitive environment for the association members and the stakeholders.

Ensuring agricultural sustainability by promoting efficient and affordable micro-irrigation solutions to the agrarian community of India. Support and facilitate research and development activities in the country to offer technologically superior solutions in the field. Ensuring quality standards that are never compromised during any process, empowering the customer with the best to realize his ambitions. Foster rural integration and add to nation’s prosperity.

To provide a single point of reference to all stakeholders in water management in Agriculture. To facilitate market transformation of water saving technologies and contribute to national water & soil conservation. To promote, develop proper use and acceptance of irrigation equipment for more economical crop production through the use of micro irrigation systems. To collect and disseminate information regarding Irrigation Industry. To conduct the educational & training programs for the irrigation industry. promoting the water conserving technologies. To promote research & development and allied services.